Monday, October 17, 2011

3:14 am at my toilet

Right now im blogging this using my ipad at 3:14 am in my toilet while im taking my time doing my bussiness.And tomorrow i have to wake up ap 8,and im going out of town that probably takes more than 14hours to install our products.

My life start to taking its way better,things getting better at every aspect,despite this restlessness, but lets just say im pursuing things and this is what i have to do.

I start getting recognizion in some aspects that i want,and its getting better. I hope its getting better and better as the day flew.

I start playing my old fav games, pokemon in my ds, and i have no idea why they shape up and name their new pokemon that way. Its like they mearge some weird animals, rolling dice on what they elements should be, and rolling their bodies on keyboard to decide what its name is. But despite that, im enjoying the old experience playing the game,enough to distract me from my works.

Aside of that, im watching Two and half men. For me,its one of comedies master piece. I really love how Charlie Sheen really pull out his comical expression and talks, i have downloaded all of the seasons and watching it all over again every time im doing my works.

Thats all update for now, im finishing my business here, and gotta sleep.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Man may cry

Yup, man is also a human who is not always thinking with their logic, but also feel it with their heart.
I dont know if the 'Men from Mars and Women are from Venus' thing really works, but in my personal opinion, its only works for those who live in western. But from my point of view, men from eastern tends to have more 'heart'

They could cry too. They could asking you to hug them, they could do anything just for holding your hand.

Do you know the feeling of the man , who save his money, work really hard, spend a lot of time to prepare it, only to get his girlfriend perfect date, with perfect gift, while the girl only say, 'its cute, thanks ' ? She dont know that he working really hard, saving every penny from his money, skip lunch , and take hours only looking for that presents. He deserve a kiss with a warm hug, but what a girl know about his hardwork behind that. What a man can do is just smile, and saying ' you're welcome' while he disappointed by the appreciation that he got.

Do you know if some men, is so selfish , until he do anything only to make him closer by an inch to you ? He bought an expensive car, only to show you that he independent , he do his job until 2am, and woke up at 6am , only so he manage to hold your hand and see your smile ? Believe the men , that when he works, he not do it for himself, he do it for his partner. If he do it for himself, he may just lay around and do some easy-pensy work , because its enough from him. He do it for you. So you find him dependable.

Do you know if some men asking for affection? He could just giving you the newest ipad, expensive things only he could see you smile brighter ? Sometimes he needs to know that he is needed, he needs to know that he is the only one, he needs to know that he is missed.

Its may be or may not be my personal experience, but believe me , behind every sluggish, carefree men, there is a man who is always work harder than you thought, only for you

Saturday, July 16, 2011

List Type of Clients

After working and knowing people, i understand that there is no such thing as perfect or kind clients. They are all mean and sometimes could become a jerk when you do work for them. Ok, lets list type of client that i hate so far:

1. Perfectionist Client
They pay you low, Comment and critize all details in your design, and ALWAYS giving you suggestion that ALWAYS messing your design. Its like paying 1000$ to buy a car, and they expect car as good as Lamborghini. The time frame of your work will be messed up also

2. Clueless Client
They always said ' i trust you to make it good for me' at the beginning , but at the end, they always said ' i dunno , this seems off, could you fix that for me ?' , and they dont know the problem , dont know how to solve it, and dont know how to deal with it, because designers are GOD who knows everything

3. U turn Client
They approve all of your design until final steps, until then , they change their mind halfway, and giving you new brief to make them whole new design. ' What? extra charge? Designing is easy right? Few clicks and you got your money ! You should grateful!'

4. 'We-are-GOD' Client
They will ask us a job that really ridiculous and impossible for us. They will give you a photo from google,which is only 500px x 300px , asking you to resize it to A1 size, and change that hand that cover up the head in your picture to model waist, and want that poster finished in 15 minutes. Why, we are GOD , dudes !

5. Cheapskate Client
They know you when you still a kid. They know you like to draw. They feel they are good because they giving you a job out from your talent, so you could improve. When they asked to pay , ' Why its so expensive ? Cmon, its easy right ? i dont expect much, and drawing its easy right? 15 minutes work ? isnt it 5$ for A1 poster is good enough? ' They dont know printing A1 poster cost more than 10$ EXCLUDE the design it self

6.Client GURU
Your client is behave as a GOD of design. He will point out that red is good for attracting people, Blue is bad, and so on. Its ok if he got it right, but when its not, they dont like you correcting them. Because he/she has MORE experience from you, making a lot of ads to a lot of designers and see the impact themselves, which always turn bad. Have you asking why they failed mister ?

7.3rd Party Client
The Client get their job from another client, and give it to you. It would be really problemmatic, if the first client is one of the clients above. It will ruin your life for several weeks, because the 3rd party client will pressured from first client, and they will double pressure you

8. and so on

I dont say all of my clients are bad, they are actually good people. But please considerate when giving us designers a brief or a job. We are human too

Thursday, June 2, 2011

One simple sentence that i want to hear

One simple sentence that i want to hear

Sometimes i feel dissatisfied with all i have
Despite what i have done
There are a lot of things that i want to do with you
But there are so many distance between us

Time that will never tell
My voice that seems not reaching you
My feelings that cant be contained again
and your ignorance

Do you know that sometimes i cry in my sleep
Wanting that everyone already have
Meeting you more often
Feel your affection more often
Spending time with you more often
Hug you more often

I want to cry with you
I want to laugh with you
I want to kiss you in the rain
I want to make our eternal promise with you
I want to live with you

Do you know that its only our feeling that ties us together ?
There are so many vagueness in our future
Once its gone, its done
We might be not see each other face again
Problems , and distance will separate us

Its become too paranoid for me
Every seconds my head always full of this
This thoughts, this worries, and you
If i said,' im okay', or 'its only works', i am lying
There is no such thing since beginning
There is only you

Maybe im too melancholic
Maybe im too moody right now
But im weak right now
I really need your cheers
i need your power

I say this one more time
I need you
I really really need you
and please tell me that you need me too
Its the only sentence i want to hear
One sentence that ive waiting for

Don't be shy
I will be waiting in this rain
Waiting for you to come
Bring me the umbrella
and Hug me tightly

Yiruma - Kiss in the rain

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well.. Today I believed that everything that i have never last too long in perfect conditions despite efforts that i have put to protect it, lets sort it out :

1. My first PC : started to jamming and sometimes shut down by itself in 2 years
2. My laptop , Macbook : Buy protection case, which ended scratching the surface of the laptop, and in one moment tossing it up to 1 meter , and crash into granite floor
3. My first SLR , D80 : Back from over seas vacation, just realize that it has 2 deadpixels because of over frozen temperature
4. My first pocket camera, LX3 : stolen TODAY
5. My Xbox : scratched its body plate, got 2 white strips on it
6. My Iphone : Got hardware error because accidentally put it together with Blackberry's magnet case : fixed, Silent button came off after 3 years using
7. My Blackberry : Drowned in closet : fixed
8. My iMac : the magic mouse seems rusty because of my acid sweat, despite every protection ( Bantex mousepad, cover ) i used
9. My Autowatch : the accesory fall off after 4 months using, Rusty because my acid sweat, change the rubber 4 times
10. My swatch Watch : scratched when i want to take finished order in factory, fell off from my wrist , and the stop watch function is not function properly anymore : 6 months
11. my NDS : got scratched by screwdriver when i try to put protection case
12. my PSP : fell off from 1.7 meters height, the protector case broken, got a little dent at the edge
13. my fav jacket : something tear off its hoddie , TWICE , and i f*ckin dont know whats tearing it
14. my fav bag : STOLEN TODAY
15. my Car : Have one effin bad day, not parking at usual place at work, one of the tires got stuck on sewer, scratch its left spoiler, the insurance finished that day.
16. my Mother's Car : Used it today, Park in front of my client's house, got breached at its right window,smashed into pieces, without any insurance
17. my fav Headset : Something has cut its internal wire, make its left headset malfunctioning
18. My LCD : Bought it last 2 months, NEW . Suddenly there is some power malfunction , make it always shutdown by itself randomly when im playing

..those things happened in 4 years span

Today i feel effin pissed , and i want to shout, and beat up that thieve who stolen my fav bag to death with my bare hand.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Goal just get bigger

The goal of my life and purpose of my life just getting bigger yesterday.
The time frame getting shorter, the risk is getting bigger, and the future getting blurrier.
Sometimes i lost my mind thinking of what i should do, and why the time can't get faster.

Because only time that could solve this problem

But forget all the details, and lets run!
See that goal, run faster, run braver!
Work harder, put that goal in your head day and night.

I have done my best, and its all up to my God now.
Because i know that God will give His way, and i believe its the best for me :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

... now get back to work